I am the founder and owner of Cousin Trips.


We are a boutique travel company that began as Adventure in Africa, a tour company specializing in small group tours in Africa.


The first tour I planned was to Ghana, West Africa way back in 1989. My parents were assigned to open a cultural outreach office in Accra. Adventure in Africa Tours began at my mother’s urging that we plan tours to bring members of the African-American community to see and experience Africa, our ancestorial home. That was our humble beginning as travel to Africa was a hard sell and not easily accessible for many. 


Cousin Trips was established in 2008 to offer summer travel experiences for young students and new travelers. Our first group of travelers were my nieces and nephews, thus the name Cousin Trips!


We have since grown and transitioned now focusing on immersive adult group travel to Africa!


I look forward to seeing you on our next trip!

Samimah Aziz

About Our Founder